Wood Ducks

Roger Zachary <rzachary@...>


I was over at the de Anza trail yesterday, leading a bird walk for the
annual celebration of the trail. The birding was great! We observed at
least 3 pairs of Wood Ducks up in the cottonwood trees within the first
quarter mile of the trail. Appeared like they were searching for nest
sites in the trees. Last year (April) I observed a pair of Wood Ducks in a
cottonwood just right inside the trailhead area.

Further down the trail about a mile, we observed a pair Turkey Vultures
copulating. There were several others in a large cottonwood with one pair
in the mating postion. Anyway, it's that time of year...

Roger Lau went over to the sewage ponds afterwards and reported the
following species: Wood Ducks(1-pr)., Ruddy Ducks(25), Cinnamon Teals(30),
Blue-winged Teal(1-male), Greater Scaup(1-male), Ring-necked Duck(1),
American Pipit(1), and Violet-green/Tree Swallows.

Have a Good One!

Roger Zachary