Whale Rock Reservoir 5/4

Tom Edell

I spent part of the morning up at Whale Rock Reservoir where I recorded 48
species in a couple of hours of birding. Bill Bouton joined me on Cottontail
Creek Road. Several stops were made along Old Creek Road and Cottontail
Creek Road. The Santa Rita Creek arm of the reservoir was the birdiest
location. Bill found 2 male BLUE GROSBEAKS singing on the wires above the
old entrance facility with the tile roof on Old Creek Road. We both heard a
male GREAT-TAILED GRACKLE, a reservoir first, calling in the bulrushes on the
Cottontail Creek arm of the reservoir. Other birds of interest inluded a
COOPER'S HAWK and LAZULI BUNTING. The reservoir is located in the hills above
Cayucos and can be reached by heading inland from Hwy 1 on Old Creek Road.


Tom Edell
Cayucos, CA