Weekend Birding


I went around birding with Bill, a visitor from Louisiana, on Saturday and
Sunday morning. We had the following birds of interest:
Saturday, April 22 (130 species):
1) Perfumo Canyon - Bill heard a Spotted Owl from the back of the mobile home
park located before the first right hand turn of Perfumo Canyon Road, at
about 4:45 am.
2) Cerro Alto - a late female Varied Thrush, great looks at a Pygmy Owl about
1/3 back along the road, Mt. Quail (heard), Lazuli Bunting, and several MacGil
livray's Warblers.
3) San Gabriel just off Highway 41, Atascadero (near creek) - 6 Purple
Martins (it took awhile).
4) Atascadero Sewage Plant - 1 Vaux's Swift, 2 Wood Ducks, 1 Great-tailed
Grackle, Wild Turkey.
5) Morro Strand Beach - 2 Sooty Shearwaters.
6) Morro Rock - 2 very vocal Peregrines.
7) Morro Bay - 14 skimmers, 2 breeding plumage Cattle Egrets in the bay
(nesting in the rookery?), 2 late male Eurasian Wigeons, and one lone White
Pelican. (Where are the Elegant Terns?)
8) Turri Road - no Grasshopper Sparrows or kites.
9) Montana de Oro - Spooner's Cove - Lawrence's Goldfinches at the Ranger
Station cypresses. 12 Surfbirds in nice plumage at Lower Hazard.
Sunday, April 23:
1) Laguna Lake - Rufous-crowned Sparrows singing on the rocky hill along with
Rock Wrens. The Ross's Goose was present at the very back of the lake.
2) Pismo Creek Mouth - Glaucous-winged Gull and White-fronted Goose.
3) Oceano County Park - the minima Canada Goose along with a Brant.
4) Oceano lagoon campground - 2 E. Collared Doves
5) Reservoir Canyon - Rufous-crowned Sparrow, Lazuli Bunting and a dozen
butterfly species including Comstock's Fritillary, Silvery Blue (Glaucopsyche
lygdamus), and many beautiful Sara Orangetips.
(We saw very few birds which were not either wintering birds or local
breeders, anywhere.)
-Jim Royer