warblers,peregrins @martins oh my


We made Oceano Lagoon, Mon-4/24 late AM, very quiet. Given the paucity of
warblers, felt fortunate to see a Yellow, Wilsons and a Butterbutt. Hit N.
Pismo and found the Peregrine at the tennis courts as a Glaucus-winged Gull
flew by. On to Morro Rock where the male Peregrine put on great show for
about 10 minutes.
Today 4/25. Saw the Purple Martins at Morro Rd and San Gabriel, and just
south of the bridge along the creek a Lawrence's Goldfinch, rough-wing
Swallows, 19-25 Band Tailed Pigeons, and a Steller"s Jay. Kind of surprised
to see the last two at this altitude. On to the rock for another look at the
Good Birding.

Jerry and Dorothy Friedman