Turri Rd. Black-necked Stilts con't

Kaaren Perry

A little before 1:00, after reading the earlier two posts that stilts were being seen, I decided to head over and take a look.  They were easy to spot on the large pond, moving around at the pond edges, along the channel and in the ponds while never very far from each other.  Soon they were standing side by side,  neck-stretching posture was observed followed by copulation. While such activity is not unusual at this time of year I was surprised to see them displaying along the coast on Turri Rd. 
Photos on flickr. (I couldn’t figure out how to upload them in the original field sequence)

Tom Edell confirmed that all breeding records of Black-necked Stilts are from east SLO county. Not that this pair will necessarily breed on the coast but it is fun to speculate.