The Sequel

Thomas Slater

Well, they say sequels are never as good as the original. You know what I mean. And don't bring up "Empire Strikes Back" because it was the second film in a trilogy... and that's totally different. But I gotta say, this fall is certainly shaping up nicely. Last fall was one for the ages, but with a Canada's warbler, Golden Winged-warbler, and a Grace's warbler already in the notebook, I've gotta say I'm enjoying the sequel so far!

Yesterday early evening I was fortunate enough to see the Grace's warbler. Ol' wingnut comes flying in 2 minutes late after the bird was seen by the masses. He then wandered off and Mrs. Wingnut stayed put. Five minutes later, she got the bird as Mr. Wingnut showed up late once again. Man, that must have been one awkward ride home. But he showed more grace than a Grace's warbler and I never saw his feathers ruffle. Classy as usual. I can't wait to hear how that sequel played out? Did he get it??? The suspense is killing me.

Later that night, I made plans to go try for a Red-throated Pipit, a Maggie Smith specialty, with Will Knowlton in the morning. He had a run-in with a likely Red-throated Pipit in Morro Bay yesterday, but no photo and fleeting looks with some good audio. Hmmm... so unsatisfying.  So we met around 8ish this morning and within 40 minutes Will had one in his scope. This sequel was for sure better for Will! We followed it across the field until it was about 30' away. Lifer for both of us.  

I hope everyone is enjoying the show! 
Bird on,

Tom Slater
Nipomo Bird Sanctuary

Tom Slater

Jeanette Stone

I am definitely enjoying the show thanks to the stars and producers listed in the movie credits!


You know who you are. Great and knowledgeable birders who make this all possible. A big shout out to you for doing all the hard work by finding rare birds and then sharing with the rest of us. My county years list would look pitiful without you.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Jeanette Stone