Sweet Springs Breeding bird surveys - update

Kaaren Perry

Our survey teams are well into the breeding season at Sweet Springs Nature Preserve.  This morning was # 4 survey for 2021. The purpose of these surveys is to observe and record species and breeding behaviors during the season from early March to July and compiling and comparing data over a designated time.  

I look forward to each survey to see what has developed in our particular area since the last survey 2 weeks prior. Each team gets quite attached to their specific study area, proud to report things like "Found an active House Finch nest today!"  We are not looking for rarities but for behaviors and activities leading to an eventual nesting happy ending. 

Often there are surprises!  To the delight of all present today, the surprise was the presence of an adult Green Heron moving about in the creek near the bridge.  While not rare at this location it was a first record of the species during our 8 consecutive years of surveys.  Woo-hoo!

Cameras were clicking away and I have uploaded 2 photos to flickr of todays visitor as it prowled around in search of prey.  (spoiler alert- success :-)