Sweet Springs Breeding Bird Survey update.

Kaaren Perry

Yesterday was our 7th breeding survey of the year and we are nearing the end of our 7th year of this study at MCAS Sweet Springs Nature Preserve.  Lucky 7!   We had a lovely morning with a few surprises.  

Since early spring when the Red-tailed Hawk adults began reconstructing their nest we have been monitoring the nest closely.  Yesterday the 2 fledglings we had previously seen peeking over the nest edge were heard calling a soft whistle and then flying around the area. Hooray!!  They are from the same nest and interesting to me is the difference in size!   I was able to get a few photos as they perched in the eucalyptus at the edge of the pond.

New species added to our annual survey counts were 1 male and 2 female plumaged Lawrence’s Goldfinch.  Not to say they are for sure breeding there but it was interesting to see them moving together near the entrance, often perching high on a high eucalyptus snag. Report from Jay Carroll is that they were still present this morning.

Adults of many expected species were seen feeding young throughout the preserve. Many of the species present are ground nesters and as always it is important for all visitors to remain on the paths as the little flightless birds move about in the brush waiting to be fed. 

We have just 3 more surveys remaining this season.  Sweet Springs breeding bird seasonal surveys for 2021 will begin again in March!

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay