Streak-backed Amazing Luck

David L. Keeling

Hi all,

I know there are more important things happening today, but...

Today was my extremely lucky day.   I had excellent looks at the STREAK-BACKED ORIOLE today, at 8:50AM, (with no other birder in sight).   As I walked toward the campground, before the barrier, I noticed something orange about 5 feet off the ground, right on the left side of the road.   "It can't be", was my first thought.   But it was, and it sat calmly for a minute or two and flew only a few feet when spooked by a jogger.   My folder has 108 images taken over six minutes.   Most are dreadful but several came out quite nice, including a mostly front view and a mostly rear view.   Total luck, but perhaps the bird is becoming more cooperative.   I wish equal luck to each of you!

I have posted two pictures on my FLICKR site of the oriole, and a not good picture of the Zone-tailed hawk, redeemed somewhat by being taken with a near full moon background, a remarkable composition.

Dave Keeling
Morro Bay