SLOCo Sharp-shinned Hawks in Summer

Tom Edell

Its great to see this kind of information and discussion among the group. It
adds a lot to our combined knowledge of SLOCo birds. In addition to the
potential and confirmed nesting by this species already posted by John Roser
and Eric Johnson, there are at least six other summer sightings of
Sharp-shinned Hawk and one other confirmed nesting. Curtis Marantz in his
Status and Distribution of the Birds of San Luis Obispo County, California,
mentions a "definite breeding record" from Cambria in 1968 that is attributed
to Elenor Pugh. Other June records for SLOCo are of single birds in the
Irish Hills 11 Jun 1998 (Richard Erickson), at the Cerro Alto campground on 5
Jun 1994 (Tom Edell), an adult at San Simeon Creek on 27 Jun 1991 (Greg
Smith), Islay Creek, Montana de Oro State Park on 20 Jun 1984 (Keith Hansen)
and 4 Aug 1992 (Tom Edell), and another in the park at Coon Creek on 20 Jun
1981 (Jim Royer). These records suggest that this species may ocassional
breed in Cambria, Montana de Oro State Park, and in suitable habitat along
the Santa Lucia and La Panza ranges. I would appreciate hearing about all
sightings between the first week of May and the first week of September. All
mid-summer sightings should be investigated to determine if nesting is


Tom Edell
Cayucos, CA