Santa Rosa Creek - mouth

Kaaren Perry

The gull numbers were finally up this morning at Santa Rosa Creek lagoon.  On my recent visits there the lagoon had been dry and just a few gulls could be seen off shore. 

This morning the lagoon was full… thanks to the rain and todays high tide. A nice assortment of gulls had gathered on the shore, visible from the parking area.  An exceptionally large number of Mew Gulls were present of various ages and stages of molt.   To the best of my ability, counting by 10's as they moved about on the sand, I  figured at least 170 Mew Gulls were present.  Next in number were the California Gulls, 12 Heermann's Gulls. one of which was adult and the rest all appeared to be 1st cycle and a few Western Gulls. I finished up scoping the shore with 28 Royal Terns. No Herring Gulls today.  Many of us studied gulls last February and this is a good time to get out there and see what is gathering on our shores. 

A small group of 18 Brown Pelicans joining the shore roost were primarily immature birds with one striking adult in the group. 

I left the creek and headed up San Simeon Creek Rd. to check on the Eastern Phoebe. As I had hoped, it continues to flycatcher from the wire fence along the road and the farm field. 

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay