Redheads - ho hum!!!??

Kaaren Perry

Every day for the past several weeks we have been seeing Redheads reported on sloco and eBird, at Sea Pines Golf Course in Los Osos and Whale Rock Reservoir.  We may be to the point of thinking… what's the big deal?   Today I checked with Tom Edell about the current status and how it compares to past years. 

Tom replied with this information: The eBird data for SLO County shows that prior to 2017 we were lucky to find them in winter at a single location. Even this winter they are only at two locations though the total number is the highest in several years mainly due to the number at Whale Rock.” 

I had 14 this morning at Whale Rock.  Some are apparently beginning to pair up. Photo of a pair on ebird-

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay