Recent yard birds

Cheryl Lish

I'm spending most of my days in the field behind the house with my nose to the ground removing non native plants so unless I hear a vocalization, wings or happen to look up I'm missing things - like hummers at the feeders.
I've heard  a few Selasphorus wings off and on for weeks without seeing the birds. This morning I finally had a sighting of an adult mate Rufous Hummingbird at a feeder when returning to the house after scattering bird food.

On 3/31 had a male Bullock's Oriole sighting at 7am while scattering bird food

A White-throated Sparrow continues to overwinter as of yesterday. Don't have the exact date but likely to nest Violet-green Swallows arrived at least a week ago. Had passer bys fly over a few weeks ago. Just don't have time to document everything. 

Have also had 2 Lincoln's Sparrows among the flocks of White and Golden crowned Sparrows LISP last seen 3/30 but then I don't see them every day.  Still have ~140 crowned Sparrows. Many Dark-eyed Juncos 

Not seeing as many Lark Sparrows recently. Had ~20 the last few months.  Usually have a couple stay to nest.
Flocks of ~ 40 Cedar waxwings cruise through
Have 4 Pine Siskins, a couple of Amer Goldfinch and 20+ Lesser Goldfinch
One RS No. Flicker, Acorn Woodpeckers, occasional sightings of Nuttall's and Hairy Woodpeckers, 
Bluebirds are becoming territorial 
Only seeing one CA Thrasher - lost both adults last year. 
Heard one Cassin's Kingbird on 3/30 
Around March 1 heard Wild Turkeys nearby confirmed at least 9 on 3/5
Must mention the 100+ CA Quail, as well as CA and Spotted Towhees, Titmice, and Jays, and of course Crows, and Starlings.

Raptors include Great Horned Owls, Cooper's, Sharp-shinned (presence not confirmed the past few days), Red-Shouldered, Red-tailed Hawks, and a female American Kestrel.

Also among the birds are a few cotton-tail rabbits.  They actually come to the edge of the sagebrush and will stand on their hind legs sniffing the air to see if I have something for them. Pretty cute.

Missing this winter were Brewer's Blackbirds??? Usually have a flock of at least 20. 
Ok - there's a few more but...enough already!!  :)

Have had several close encounters with hawks... where they fly so close over me that I feel the wind off their wings. One was when I was filling a bird feeder - The hawk pasted just off my left shoulder. It's pretty amazing. And the sound of the wind off their wings is also a very cool to experience,
Cheryl Lish   Arroyo Grande