Recent arrivals, ect

Cheryl Lish

On April 17th a male Hooded Oriole came to hummingbird feeders, and I heard the first Ash-throated Flycatcher vocalization.

Yesterday 4/18 a Black-headed Grosbeak moved through the oaks at the east end of the house - traveling north bound.
And there was a White- throated Sparrow (looking gorgeous) in the backyard - same area where the overwintering WTSP came to feed. Not sure if it’s the same bird or passing through. Last sighting was 4/10 so I figured it had moved on. Maybe it’s been exploring ???

This morning a female Hooded Oriole was seen at a feeder. Most years we have 2 pairs nest nearby

6 Pine Siskins continue
3 male Red-winged Blackbirds have been coming to seed feeders the past few weeks... they’re always in a hurry so suspect they’re feeding mates. Haven’t seen females

Crowned Sparrow numbers have been dropping the last couple of weeks and this morning there were less than 20.
Cheryl Lish Arroyo Grande