ravens on the coast

Curtis A. Marantz <cmarantz@...>

Eric basically hit the nail on the head regarding coastal ravens. These
birds begin showing up where the bluffs meet the coast just south of
Carpinteria and occur from here south. The Pt. Mugu area is especially
good, but I believe that these birds probably occur coastally from here
south to the Mexican border. I can certainly say that where I grew up in
the hills of the Sepulveda pass (between the San Fernando Valley and Santa
Monica), both ravens and crows were common birds (one of few places that I
have seen this to be the case). Also, though not quite as common, ravens
are also not uncommon in coastal Orange County and through at least part of
the LA basin. My experience south of there is less extensive, so one may
wish to consult Phil Unitt's book on the Birds of San Diego County for this.

Curtis Marantz