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Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all,

   I hope you are keeping safe and healthy, and happy 4th of July coming up! I wanted to fill you in on the possibility of a pelagic this season out of Morro Bay Landing. I am trying to finalize the date but I am working on Sept 26 as the date. It may change. Before finally committing to a date with the captain, I would like to gauge interest, and let you know about the covid-19 procedures. Party fishing boats have been going out for weeks now, and operating under these new norms, so by September they will be very well versed on the details. The main change is that trips will go out with only about half the normal number of people, so well reduced capacity. Crew and folks on board will wear masks, this is particularly important if you go inside the cabin. The idea will be to attempt as much as possible to social distance while onboard, and this worked well on a recent fishing trip I went on. We all want to feel safe, and make others feel safe. Key areas and parts of the boat will be disinfected/cleaned multiple times by crew, door handles etc. There will be sanitizer available to use throughout the trip. Fortunately most people are outside while on pelagics, and with a minimum 10 knot breeze (from the boat movement alone) means that boating is as far as we know a reasonably low risk activity. Hopefully by late September we will be in a much better state overall.

    The negative is that pricing has to temporarily increase to $230 per person given reduced numbers. The good part is that there are reduced number of people, and therefore more elbow room. If you are keen on the trip, do let me know via a personal email and I can see if we can pull this off this year. I was originally (pre covid) going to try to do two boat trips out of Morro Bay this year but I think I will need to keep it to one this time around. I always enjoy the Morro Bay trip, and look forward to it.

    Ocean productivity has been high this year, and some interesting and unusual birds have started to show up (Cook’s Petrels in San Diego, Least Storm-Petrel on the Farallon Islands). We have been seeing lots of early shearwater activity up here in Half Moon Bay, and albatross close to shore. All could change, but right now it looks like a lively ocean out there in terms of food and abundance. Both krill and anchovy are present in good numbers.

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Alvaro Jaramillo