Pac Slope Flycatcher nest = success

Sue Girard

Nest built above front entry door on the door frame molding back in May. First clutch of three eggs was abandoned (neighbor's heavy equipment commotion all day?) Second attempt has been successful--at least three noggins/ tails showing today. Female hangs around covered entry all day, hunting. I'm using the garage door for the duration. They've been on my property for 25 springs, from their calls and rare sightings. This is the first year they've been very visible and confiding. Also seeing daily Hooded Oriole pair, splotchy 1st spring Summer Tanager and Western Tanager males and  Black-headed Grosbeaks though their favorite Prunus hedge is weeks from ripening berries. 

Sue Girard
Nipomo CA

*edit: after a day of furious feedings on the 3rd, , the female flycatcher dissappeared. Over the 4th, there was very little bird activity of any kind in the yard. (??) on the 5th, I ventured a look into the nest using a rigged mirror, and the nest was empty. I have since seen a single individual using the bird bath, but not occupying the female's habitual roosts. Could a larger bird (one of a dozen yard Jays?) robbed the nest? The outside of the nest is covered in fecal sacs.