Oceano 3/23

bbouton <bbouton@...>

Hi All,

I birded Oceano Lagoon/Campground for a couple of hours this morning.
Nothing unusual, but spring is certainly springing! There were both a lot
of bird song and a lot of mosquitoes in evidence (the mosquitoes only on the
east side of the lagoon).

There were hoards of Myrtle and Audubon's Warblers. At least a third
appeared to be males who were fully into their stunning alternate plumage.
Many of the others were in the rattiest of plumages, often looking like they
had just been disturbed from a bath.

There were, additionally, singing Common Yellowthroats, Townsend's,
Orange-crowned Warblers.

I did not see the Magnolia that was apparently present all winter.

Highlights for me were three adult male Bullock's Orioles and one female
within 5 yards of each other; also an interaction between a Song Sparrow and
a territorial Anna's Hummingbird. The sparrow was singing when the hummer
came down and hovered, flashing, only three or four inches in front of its
face. The sparrow merely reversed it's position, turning its back on the
hummer and sang again. This process was repeated three more times, with the
sparrow eventually, seemingly unconcernedly, hopping down into the thicker

Anna's and Allen's Hummers, as well as Bushtits and Tree Swallows were
observed gathering nesting material. Tree Swallows were going into and out
of nest holes.