Negative on Black Swifts, But Migrants Noted

Brad Schram

This morning's NW breeze and clear skies suggested watching for a morning migrant flight over Deer Canyon, AG.  Birds were, indeed, moving northward just above the ridge tops here two miles NNE of AG Village.  Although movement was only moderate, I suspect a birder on Cuesta Ridge would have been impressed by today's movement. Virtually all passerines in the air this morning, however, were to the west of my vantage point out of clear identification range. Shapes, sizes, and flight pattern suggested tanagers, warblers, and buntings predominated.  They went by in small loose groups, averaging no more than a bird a minute--but the movement was pretty constant until at least 7:45.  No swifts were seen.

Two OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHERS and a male PHAINOPEPLA stopped on the ridge here this morning, a few Phainopeplas arrived on the 22nd, but whether they will stay as they have some years, or continue through the area can't be predicted.

Yesterday morning, and throughout the day, I watched for Black Swifts but saw none.  The low clouds and ocean haze did not predict success early, when Maggie had 9 at Oso Flaco to the south, but none appeared as conditions improved.

Brad Schram
Arroyo Grande