Need bird seed?

Rubba Johanna

I hope it's OK to post this. I bought bird seed at Tractor Supply a while ago and no birds are interested. I get mainly finches and the like, so maybe it's the wrong type. I have 11 lbs. of Royal Wing Splendid blend containing milo, wheat, white millet, & black oil sunflower seed. Glad to give it away, or you can pay as much for it as you feel like. Paid $8.99. Contactless pickup, or I can bring to you in SLO or South County. Bring a container, e.g., small bucket; half of the seed is decanted into a plastic container.

Bird on!
Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach


I have had trouble with some brands really hardly bringing in anything! Just curious, are you getting more seed elsewhere or different type? 
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Hey all-

    I thought I was tech-savvy enough but I am still not clear on how to respond or post to group messages apparently. I tried to respond to Rubba Johanna who was giving away seed. I was curious as to why she did not get birds coming to that particular mix, and I got a lot of private messages with recommendations. I wasn't really looking for them, but thank you anyway! I did get info I will use! :)
Let's see if I can respond properly to the group with this. Thank you for your tolerance, everyboday, while I feeble my way through! ;)
Susan Colleen Crawford
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