Montana De Oro State Park


A male and female peregrine falcon were at Spooner's Cove yesterday
morning, but it was not the Morro Rock pair five miles away, which were
being observed at the same time and are incubating eggs now. There was a
fast chase over the water and capture of a pigeon- the female landed on
a rocky shore outcrop with it and then flew north along the dunes.

Every few years one or two ravens together fly over Montana De Oro along
the coast going north..."vacationing" from the east or perhaps moving
north along the coast from south of Santa Barbara?? Ravens and crows
occurred in semi-arid Simi Valley adjacent to San Fernando Valley where
I grew up...I wonder how the population dynamics of the two species have
changed with the loss of the large orange and walnut groves and
eucalyptus stands and replacement by a sea of residential development
(more landfill habitat though!).