May I? Request binocular suggestions

Rubba Johanna

I hope this is allowable ... I have a young friend (26) who has a budding interest in birdwatching. Her birthday is coming up and I would like to get her a pair of beginner's bins that won't cost the moon (in case her interest doesn't bloom) but is decent for beginner birding. I hesitate to get her a full-size pair; on the other hand, I don't find small bins (e.g., 8x25) very good for birding. I wouldn't go for 10x25s--the magnification relative to the lens size isn't very good for zeroing in on birds. I'd like to keep the cost under $100 if possible. I use Nikon Aculon 8x42s. I know these are not a high-end product, but they're quite satisfactory for my needs and affordable. They let in more light than I expected when I ordered them. But they're a full-size pair, and I don't know if my friend is keen to drag around 1+ lbs of glass & plastic. Any advice appreciated--please e-mail me directly. Thanks!

Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach