Looking for Spring Migration in all the Wrong Places

Jim Royer

Yesterday (Thursday) morning I drove up to a turnout near the top of Cypress Mountain Road (east of Cambria), at about 2000’ in elevation. I arrived about 6:30 am, stayed for 45 minutes and saw no evidence of any migration. It was sunny and warm, with a beautiful view of the fog bank below. BirdCast had predicted a high migration, and later estimated over one million birds has passed over the county that night. I next drove to the top of Old Creek Road, where I also found no evidence of any migrants having passed through. I then gave up and went home.

Did the migration not go through this part of the county, was it too high for me to see, or did it finish  before I got there? Should I only visit ridges near the coast when there is an offshore breeze?

Did anyone else go to any high spots to look for the migration yesterday morning? If so, what did you find? 

Jim Royer
Los Osos