Little Gull - Montana de Oro

Kaaren Perry

A 1st cycle, juvenile plumaged Little Gull was reported from Spooner's Cove around noon today.  The bird was seen flying over the water and landing out in the  surf on several occasions. During my stay it did come in for a brief stop on the sand near Islay Creek mouth. The bird was seen by many excited birders as we all called out things like " it's overhead, flying low just over the water, flying right, flying left, near the rocks etc etc.etc!  Easy to pick out among the other flying gulls because of it's small size. The smallest gull in the world!  

While this species is know to occur in small numbers in North America, found primarily on the east coast, the main range of this species is in the Palearctic.

I have just put up two photos from today on flickr.

What a extraordinary few weeks this has been in the SLO birding world!!!