Laysan Albatross, and miscellaneous other birds

Jim Royer

I birded this morning from the base of the southwest side of Morro Rock, (above the rock piles near the base of the jetty). The stiff wind blew in goodies like Parasitic Jaeger, Black-vented Shearwaters, and Rhinoceros Auklets, but the real prize was an adult Laysan Albatross just close enough to see the unmistakable size, shape and rough details through my scope. (It flew around for a short bit and then went north and out of sight.) It was so windy even in this relatively sheltered part of the rock, that I had to lower my scope and hold the tripod with my legs as I sat - to prevent it from falling over. I also stopped by the Los Osos Middle School and saw an adult White-fronted Goose in the middle of the athletic fields (get there early), near the track. At the Sea Pines Golf course there were 2 Canvasbacks in the last (westmost) pond that you can see from the west end of Howard. They were in with scaup, Ring-necked Ducks and Green-winged Teal.

After riding out to see the Little Gull at Spooner's Cove, I joined Ian Davies who had already been out on the Bluff Trail for some time, doing a Seawatch. The wind was more manageable there, a little ways back from the edge of the bluffs. In the time I was there I saw Rhino. Auklets, Parasitic Jaegers, Common Murres, Bonaparte's Gulls, etc., but you need to see his list on eBird for the amazing birds he found. He was still counting when I left. Check the weather reports for the next couple of days. If its really windy I would recommend taking a scope out to the Bluff Trail or elsewhere along the coast and look patiently out to sea, from whatever shelter you can find near a point.

Jim Royer
Los Osos