Lake trip

Joe Seals <gardenguru@...>


I took a quick trip down to the lake last
Thursday and, even in the foggy, cloudy weather, I had
some interesting sitings.

The usuals were there: lots of MALLARDS, SCAUPS,
BLACK-NECKED (EARED) GREBES. But there were plenty of
TUFTED DUCKS, a few POCHARDS, and one winter female
LONG-TAILED DUCK among a small group of mallards.
Especially exciting was a LITTLE AUK (a lifer for me)
near the breakwater to the marina.

Did I forget to say that this was a trip to Lake
Constance (Die Bodansee) on the German-Austrian-Swiss
border? Had you going for a moment, didn't I?

I was on a training visit to our German partners
and was allowed one-afternoon "sight-seeing". Other
lifers for me: MARSH TIT (at the bird feeders at the
company) and a SHORT-TOED TREECREEPER (no, I didn't
make this up) on the tree as I stood waiting for the
hotel shuttle bus back to the airport.

The LITTLE AUK was special in that they are
strictly ocean and coast birds that only rarely "crash
land" on inland waters after storms.

Joe Seals
Santa Maria
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