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Tom Edell

Alvaro's Adventures has Morro Bay pelagic trips scheduled for August 12 and October 1, 2023.  Sign-up information in Alvaro's newsletter.

Tom Edell
Cayucos, CA 

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Newsletter - Mar  2023

Pelagics 2023

We have a full schedule of pelagic trips for 2023 up online! We are hoping that the great luck we have had in the last few years continues, not only with rare birds, but spectacle! There have been some days where the birds and wildlife have been world class. We are super excited. We can summarize 2022 as a superb year for seabirds and marine mammals. We found multiple Hawaiian Petrels and wonder if they will become more regular as conservation successes continue to allow the population to increase. Nazca Booby is also on the increase, and a true surprise was a Horned Puffin out of Morro Bay last year. It is rare, while the Tufted Puffin is expected when we get out to the Farallon Islands (those trips are in June, July and into Aug.). Of course there were thousands of the regularly occurring species, there was so much out there and we are hoping that 2023 is similar or better. In 2022 on two occasions on our longer Monterey Bay trips, we found Baird's Beaked Whales! There were multiple Killer Whale sightings, it was not a bad year last year. 
      What is new for 2023? Well, we are returning to Bodega Bay which we have not been to since pre-pandemic. Two trips from that port in 23. We are retaining the second Morro Bay trip we started in 22, and several of the Monterey trips are the longer 10 hour "Albacore grounds" trips, those have been the best for rare cetaceans. We have also grown fond of the Outer Limits, a comfortable and fast catamaran based in Sausalito, we have increased the number of Farallon Island trips on the Outer Limits this year and we retain the San Francisco county trip out of Sausalito as we did last year. 
The schedule is here. Note that if there is great demand we may add dates.  

Tours 2023+ 

Looking forward. 

Many of our tours are sold out, and some have multi-year waiting lists. Thank you for your interest.  We are lucky to be in such a position as a company, but it is also a sign that we need to grow! Now that the pandemic is firmly in the rear-view mirror, knock on wood, we have turned our thoughts to this. We are intending to add more new tours, and bring back some from our "back catalogue" as we begin to introduce new guides to you. That is the plan, more tours, more guides, more options for bird related travel. 
   Our culture has always been to get out there and enjoy the birds and wildlife, with like minded people. We have always thought that it is important we have fun, that we learn, that we appreciate, and when possible that we eat well! Our aim has always been about the holistic view of birding travel, were lifers are one part of a greater constellation of things that make birding and travel worthwhile. Part of our interests is that birding travel actually helps the people who are the stewards of the birds we go and see, and that the birds benefit as well. With this philosophy in mind, we will bring in folks who are like minded as tour guides. As we say out here in coastal California, we are stoked to be moving forward on this. 
    We aim to get more tours happening, and to get you out birding rather than sitting on a wait list! Keep watching here for more details, and do 
E-mail us with questions, or even your tour requests. 
         What else? There is a rumor out there that apart from Alaska in May with Alvaro and George Armistead in 2024, George and Alvaro will be heading to Subantarctic New Zealand in the end of 2024. Once the itinerary is finalized by the ship, we will let you know about this amazingly rich area for penguins, albatross, and endemic island species. As always 
E-mail us if you want to pencil in your interest for this trip. Alvaro is shaking with excitement, it will be awesome. 

Last Minute Hawaii

Hawaii is in April, and we do have open spots. In particular if you are male and would like to share and avoid the single supplement, we can accomodate you. email us. 
     If you want to bird Hawaii, don't wait too long. Unfortunately, the forest birds are not doing well. Nevertheless, right now you can still see many Amakihi, Apapane, 'I'iwi, Omao, 'Akiapola'au, and Akepa, they are hanging in there. The seabirds are actually a success story, and are increasing in numbers due to conservation projects. We are one of the few tours that incorporates a pelagic trip to see these birds. Hawaiian Petrel awaits, and perhaps the local Bulwer's Petrel which new data suggests may be a unique population. Hawaii last minute - Why not just give it a go? Mandy Talpas is your expert and fun leader.  


Our  recent tour to Bolivia was super. Peter Burke would like to lead it again, in 2023 given that he learned how he can make this trip even better now with this last run under his belt. As well as the fact that he had a great time out there seeing those birds. We were going to wait until 2024, but folks have been asking for it, and Pete is into it. Let's get back to Bolivia. 
       This is a special trip, one that focuses on conservation lodges. As such on the major portion of the tour you are helping to support the efforts of Armonia, the local NGO working on bird conservation in Bolivia. One lodge focuses on the endangered Blue-throated Macaw, another on the endemic Red-fronted Macaw, and the third on the diverse mid-elevation forest of the Yungas, a habitat synonymous with Bolivia. This is not a high elevation tour, but one based on lowlands and mid latitudes. It is a very diverse trip in terms of habitats, from grasslands, to desert valleys, seasonally flooded wetlands, and montane to cloud forest. There are also other macaw species to see, so if you are a big parrot fan, this is a great tour for you. Bolivia is off the beaten path, for the adventurous birder, the country is a gem and it still has the feel of a potential for discovery. Join Peter in early November for Bolivia's Conservation Lodges. 2022 Trip Report . More info here or 
email us

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Tom Edell
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