Estero bluffs

David L. Keeling

Hi all,

I've now made four trips in the last week to Estero Bluffs, ranging up and down the bluffs mainly starting at the Fig Tree entry.   WANDERING TATTLERS have been regularly seen.   Yesterday Elena and I had 4 at once.   There are a few skittish Spotted Sandpipers with spots.   There are large numbers of BLACK TURNSTONES, I sort of counted 75 on Saturday.   There was also one Horned Lark.   We watched several aerial fish fights between Royal Terns (the catchers) and Western Gulls (the snatchers).   The score was one to one.

My highlight bird was a single breeding plumaged RUDDY TURNSTONE, satisfyingly seen at the conclusion of my longest hiking, just before returning up to my car.   It was with many Black Turnstones, and I gently herded them down the beach from shade into glorious late afternoon sunlight.   Looking at my old photos it has been 10 years since I have seen a fully breeding plumaged Ruddy here in the county.   So I celebrate.

Dave Keeling
Morro Bay

P.S.   I have posted 5 pictures on my FLICKR site.   They reminded me that I haven't done so in some time.   My plan is to post some additional semi-older ones in less than 24 hours.   So enjoy some now and have another look tomorrow if you have a few minutes.