Dozer Update! He's back!


Welcome back to the Central Coast, Dozer!  For anyone new to slocobirding: 

"MV: DOZER,", a Long-billed Curlew, was banded and fitted with a satellite transmitter in May 2020 by the Intermountain Bird Observatory at his breeding grounds in Indian Valley in the West Central Mountains of Idaho. Local birder, Petra Clayton, first encountered Dozer on Sunday, June 21, 2020, at Morro Strand State Beach. This will be Dozer’s 3rd time spending the non-breeding season on the Central Coast. He is often seen on Morro Strand State Beach. In 2021 he landed back in Morro Bay on July 8. This year he returned on June 22. Mimi (Dozer’s mate) was banded and fitted with a transmitter in early May 2021 at Indian Valley. That year, they most likely fledged some chicks. Mimi spends her non-breeding season in Sonora, Mexico near the area where the Colorado River flows into the Gulf of California.   This year Mimi arrived back in Sonora on June 14. In 2021 her arrival date was June 30th. Dozer and Mimi most likely had one or two failed nesting attempts this year.

Information from the IMBO: 

1.     Failed nesters tend to take off first.

2.     Then adult females leave. They leave their chicks under dad's watch.

3.     Adult males leave after their chicks become independent

4.     Lastly, the chicks head south. 

Dane Fagundes and I are volunteer monitors for the IMBO. We check weekly to make sure Dozer's satellite transmitter is working. There are several other Central Coast birders who monitor other curlews.

Photos and reports of Dozer are always appreciated. Dozer has a green band with white letter “MV” on his left leg. The silver Fish and Wildlife Service band is on his right leg. There is an obvious antenna coming off his back. If you do see him, you can contact me at ccomeau75@....  Thank you! 
Happy birding,
Carol Comeau
Los Osos