Carrizo Plains

Diana Keeling <Dennissher@...>

Yesterday and today Rich Hansen and I birded on the Carrizo Plains.  We saw many wonderful birds, including raptors.  Golden eagle, prairie falcons, red-tailed hawks and kestrals were fairly abundant.  The unusual raptor we saw was an osprey sitting on the power poles near the Soda Lake Road/Temblor Road intersection.  We had spent the night on the 18th and saw the San Joaquin kit fox, giant kangaroo rats and in the day the antelope ground squirrel. 
Reptiles and amphibians included the desert phase of the gopher snake, whiptail lizard, side-blotched lizard, blue belly, and the western toad.  Insects were the focus of my attention and I photographed the scarab beetle called the Little Brown Bear. 
Dennis Sheridan.