Canada Warbler

Thomas Slater

So I was in Pismo at my XC meet at Judkins when my son called me.
"Canada Warbler in Meadow Park in SLO! We going for it?"
Um... yes. I was going to travel to SB to try for one after the races.
But this was much closer. After 30 minutes of searching, I refound it in a Hackberry Tree about 30' up at 1 pm. 
It was originally seen by Nick Belardes at 10 am that morning. 

Owen got on it, Herb, Killian...  maybe others? But then it just sort of faded into the foliage.
No photo. But great looks. Owen too. I've been wanting to see one ever since Will Knowlton saw one out at Carrizzo school a few years back. Took long enough. But after hearing about several being seen in SB I was optimistic that this was the year. Hope others can get on it. Now on to that darn Red Crossbill that keeps eluding me!

bird on,

Tom Slater
Pajaro Bird Sanctuary 

Tom Slater