Cambria-Hasting Dr-Hummingbird numbers begin to increase

Joanne Aasen

For weeks now, after weeks of their absence, I’ve been seeing 1 ANHU at the nectar feeder at the front of my house (plus usual and seasonal HOOR and occasional and unusual ACWO drinking nectar), 1 ANHU at the side feeder and 1 ANHU at the back feeder. Each one of those protecting “its" feeder.

The numbers have been increasing over the past 3 days at the front feeder—the one that eventually gets “shared" the most…. 4 then 6-7 then 8. Had to open up my 25lb bag of sugar. If numbers are like last year there could be 30+ hummers using the feeders (I add more as needed) through the summer.

Are others noticing an increase of hummingbirds in their “home” area?

Joanne Aasen
Cambria, CA