Bonaparte's Gull (not Franklin's Gull) at Cayucos Creek Mouth

petra schaaf

Yesterday's Franklin's Gull at the Cayucos Creek mouth turned out to be an adult Bonaparte's Gull in breeding plumage.

We learned that the Bonaparte's Gull has a relatively thin bill, thin white eye crescents, and lack large white tips to the primaries.

Franklin's Gulls are a bit larger than Bonaparte's with a thicker all red bill, more prominent white eye arcs, large white tips to their primaries, and a different wing pattern when in flight.

Petra Clayton,
Los Osos

Tom Graves

And, yesterday late afternoon/early evening, only 1st year Bonaparte’s Gull (black tail band) and maybe non-breeding adults. About 10 total.
Also one Semipalmated Plover, and 2 Short-billed Dowitchers feeding (being chased by the numerous Willets whenever they found a snack).
And a couple of Brown Pelicans looking tired at the creek mouth, not with the others out on the rocks (sick?).

From Tom Graves