Birding out and about.

Kaaren Perry

Decided to make the drive to Oso Flaco this morning really hoping that I wasn't a day late to see the Black Tern. Fog, smoke and all, I arrived just in time to see the fog beginning to clear and there it was the juvenile Black Tern… flying lightly over the lake. Jay Carroll, Nick Belardes and I shared the moment as the bird continued to appear and disappear into the fog.  A very rare visitor to the county!

Sounds of Virginia Rails, Marsh Wrens calling from the reeds, swallows flying about and the reported all white Barn Swallow was perched in the reeds near the boardwalk.  Distant but identifiable photos at:

Just a quick stop at the Audubon Overlook at 4th street in Los Osos where there were at least 30 juvenile Short-billed Dowitchers feeding along the shore. They're back!   Turri Rd. first pond still hosts both Red-necked and Wilson's Phalaropes, often quite visible from the road. 

Nice morning!