Barrow's Goldeneye continues at Pismo Creek

Kaaren Perry

I arrived at 8:15 this morning, parked near the Cypress St. bridge and almost immediately saw the Barrow's swimming and diving between the Hwy 1 and Cypress bridge.   Within  just a few minutes it swam under the Cypress bridge and out into the lagoon.  It remained in the lagoon diving, floating and resting during the rest of my hour+ stay.   

My only problem was that for the entire time there I was struggling with the morning light.  The photos are not my proudest moment but at least this time I can tell that the duck has feathers and don't have to depend solely on shape like on previous visits!

Just a little note on Zone-tail Hawks.  Exactly one year ago to the day, 12/15/2019, a visiting birder from Orange County, CA, Bob Keally reported a Zone-tail Hawk near the Washburn Trail in Cambria.  Though Bob was familiar with the species and wrote a brief in the field description he did not get any photos. Despite others searching it was not refound and no further documentation was provided to confirm the sighting.  Same date!  Keep your eyes up. I would think that todays bird could very well be is still in the area.