A message from the Black-throated Sparrow

David L. Keeling

Hi all, 

First, thank you to many of you who have visited me in Montana de Oro, even if your target bird has been the uncooperative Strek-backed Oriole.   However, I've been a little embarrassed that while my name is Black-throated, my throat has been less than wonderfully black.   I want you all to know that I've been working on it and have made much progress.   So, do me a favor and come back and have another look. I feel much better about myself.   I'll be hanging out in the grass, wherever it may be, but I like Campsite 1 and the parking area on the bluff.   I'm authorizing my representative to post two comparison photos on FLICKR.   Enjoy

Black-throated Sparrow
Montana de Oro