Have you used "Birdcast"?

Kaaren Perry

Hi SLOCO Birders,

I recently received this message from my friend Robbie Revel and am now passing it on with her permission.  If you are not familiar with Birdcast, I highly recommend taking a peek.  I did and was astounded at the information that can be explored on this site.  I began with the link below and can't wait to discover what other information on migration is available.

Message from Robbie:

I wondered if you have explored “Birdcast” the new Cornell website that gives you real-time information on migration?  It is simple to use and amazing to see. You simply enter the county name and date and it shows you an estimate of how many birds migrated over or into our county last night, their altitude and speed, a graph of the migration since it began, and a list of probable birds migrating into the county.  

Kaaren Perry

Morro Bay