FRIGATEBIRD seen at the Santa Barbara Breakwater, 6:30am Today

Mike Bush

Hi Slocobirders - 

As you can see below, a Magnificent Frigatebird was seen at the Harbor in Santa Barbara this early morning. It has not been refound despite several birders out looking. 

If you are anywhere along the coast, KEEP LOOKING UP! This is a good time of year to POTENTIALLY see one of these very rare-for-our-area birds. 

Bird carefully and respectfully - 

Mike Bush
Los Osos, California

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Date: Mon, Jul 18, 2022 at 7:16 AM
Subject: [sbcobirding] Possible Frigatebird at Santa Barbara Harbor
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At 6:25 AM this morning, I was walking down the Santa Barbara Harbor breakwater concrete path and saw a large bird fly over. It has long thin wings in a long thin tail. It didn’t look like any bird I’ve ever seen, and Merlin Bird ID is telling me that it’s a magnificent frigatebird. Could someone confirm this for me?