Thursday Jul 21 pelagic - Morro Bay

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello Calbirds and Slo birders,

    We have several spots open on the July 21 trip out of Morro Bay Landing. We are out on the Endeavor and hope to get out to deep water offshore and perhaps find some goodies out there. The entire California Current system has been lively this year, lots and lots of productivity and food, lots of birds and lots of whales. We will be on the lookout for Cook’s Petrels, murrelets, boobies and other rarer species. We hope to find storm-petrels, albatross and a good sampling of the more common shearwaters, alcids and the arriving migrant jaegers and more. There have not been trips out at this time of year from Morro Bay, a little pioneering for a spot that is a mix of north and south as far as marine distribution. This is a port from where we can find species more common farther north, but which is accessible to southern CA birders.

   Do ask me if you have any questions about the trip.

To book, you can do it directly here at our website. Looking forward to getting out seabirding!


Alvaro Jaramillo