Morro Bay Pelagic Trips with Alvaro's Adventures

Joanne Aasen

Black-footed Albatross Aug 14 2021 - photo by Alvaro Jaramillo

For the first time, Alvaro's Adventures is offering TWO pelagic trips out of Morro Bay this year: July 21st and September 18th. Check out the California Pelagics webpage for all the details and booking information. These trips out of Morro Bay fill up quickly so, if you are interested, book early. There are many other pelagic trips being offered by Alvaro’s Adventures so, if you can’t make the ones in Morro Bay, check out the others available.

Alvaro Jaramillo was the presenter of September’s MCAS Community Program titled Birding Fast and Slow.

Joanne Aasen
MCAS Communication Chair