Morning Flight, Deer Canyon

Brad Schram

The NE overnight airflow predicted a good morning flight of migrants this morning, and movement after sunrise at Deer Canyon bore this out.  Bird numbers weren't particularly high, but the migrants seen suggest that this morning would have been a good time to be birding above south-facing canyons on Cuesta Ridge.

A gentle NE breeze at sunrise (about 6:10) became a 20+mph blast by 8:00, but by then it had shifted locally to NNW.  (a brief foray to Lopez lake at 8:30 found the wind whistling down Lopez Canyon estimated at 30mph or higher)

In over an hour on the terrace over Deer Canyon I tallied only one WESTERN KINGBIRD, about 75 CEDAR WAXWINGS (yesterday morning I had 300+), 2 YELLOW & 2 TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS, 8-10 distant warblers, and 27 WESTERN TANAGERS. Miscellaneous unidentifiable distant passerines were not counted, but frequently seen.  Not a massive showing, but indicative of movement.

Brad Schram
Arroyo Grande