Finding Pecho willows

Rubba Johanna


I need a little help finding the right path to follow to the Pecho willows. I was there yesterday looking (without success) for the Kentucky warbler. I found and explored two paths. The first is right at the end of Henrietta. A narrow path there winds through undergrowth comprising mainly ivy. There I saw a Wilson's warbler. The other path is a little farther along. This path begins next to a huge eucalyptus tree and continues through undergrowth that comprises mainly blackberry vines. This path soon opens up to shoulder-height undergrowth with good views of bushes and trees all around. Here I saw chestnut-backed chickadees, Townsend's warblers, and a common yellowthroat (I think it was; I hope it wasn't the Kentucky! Brief look in shadow). Which of these is the willows path? I'm not terribly good at identifying plants. I didn't see much that looked like willows to me. Sorry to be so ignorant!


BTW, thanks to the folks that responded to my binoculars inquiry. I settle for Wingspan Fieldview 8x32. Not perfect, but a good size for a beginner. Main drawback is very bad close focus.