May 2 sounds

Tom Graves

Here are the rest of my recordings from last weekend. I was motivated to get out early as it really was International Dawn Chorus Day. I recorded about 26 species, some just faint in the background. 

    The Black-headed Grosbeaks were the dominant songsters. Here’s one in stereo: .

    Here’s a better quality mono BHGR recording (listen for the interesting long series of notes at the end of a couple of these songs—click on time index: . 

    The beginning of this one has some “chup” calls of a California Thrasher, and some “tsit” calls maybe from an Orange-crowned Warbler: . 

     California Quail’s “hu-haa-how” song (or Chi-ca-go), and its “reer” song: . 

     It was nice to hear an American Robin to compare to the grosbeak: .

     Pacific-slope Flycatcher song and call: .

     And to finish the morning, a Canyon Wren: . 

     And a mystery series of wheezy notes: . Any ideas?


Tom Graves

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