Oso Flaco 4/30/21

Rubba Johanna

A beautiful day at Osos Flaco. Such a pleasure to be relieved of the fear of its ruin at the hands of State Parks (for the moment, anyway). On entering the "tree tunnel," I heard several Wilson's Warblers singing, and saw one. Ducks on the water included many Ruddies, some Gadwall, and 2 male and 1 female Green-winged Teal. I observed a Ruddy male who seemed to be doing a mating display. His tail was ramrod straight up, and he beat his beak rapidly on his chest, then emitted a small grunt. A couple of females floating nearby seemed unimpressed. Swallows were busy over both lakes--Tree, Barn, and Cliff. On the walk from the lake to the beach, I saw Oak Titmouse, a Spotted Towhee, and Bushtits. A highlight of the day featured Wrentits. I saw one chasing another in the low shrubs along the walk, then one male popped up and perched in full view on a twig and sang away! Wrentits are usually so reclusive, I felt lucky to have one singing just a few feet away. He sang for a bit, then flew to another twig, and sang again. At the beach, the creek has carved a channel to the ocean, and there is a sizeable lagoon. There were several Snowy Plovers, and a large number of Western Sandpipers sitting at the edge of the lagoon, bathing in the freshwater, and chasing each other along the edges of the lagoon, competing for hunting grounds. On the other side of the fence was a large number of Whimbrels browsing the sand and little waves.

I heard several songs I couldn't place. I recorded some, and may put them online. I could send them to anyone who is interested in helping me ID the birds.

Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach