Volunteers needed for Bank Swallow stdy

Judy Neuhauser

I am just the messenger - please respond to Kaitlin if interested.

I work for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife on a project studying bank swallows throughout California, and have an opportunity that may be of interest to your chapter members. We are conducting surveys this spring and early summer to evaluate current bank swallow distribution and population status within the state, and have some reaches near your chapter that we are hoping to find volunteers to help survey. Below is brief overview of steps to take for those who are interested in signing up, and includes a link to our project webpage where volunteers can find all of the project resources; this includes instruction on how to conduct surveys, pre-survey volunteer training resources, and data submission.

PLEASE RESPOND ONLY TO KAITLIN, not the whole list, please.

Thank you so much!

Kaitlin Kozlowski
Scientific Aide
CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
North Central Region