Birds & bay

Rubba Johanna

Pleasant day on and around Morro Bay. On the way in, spotted 5 male and 3 female Cinnamon Teal on the seasonal pond on Turri Rd. Also there were Violet-Green and Tree Swallows flying around. Stopped near the intersection with So. Bay Blvd. to check the big ponds. Saw 2 Canada Geese and one male American Wigeon. On to the bay, kayaking. Bufflehead were common, male and female. A few Eared Grebes tending into breeding plumage were floating and diving. Just around the point from the marina was a huge flock of several hundred waders, mostly Marbled Godwits, but also some Willets and at least one Long-billed Curlew. There were also three Brant Geese. A bit farther on on the edges of the high water were several hundred double-crested cormorants, along with a dozen or so Great Egrets and a few dozen Snowy Egrets. The facing edge had numerous seals and more cormorants. A lone female Scaup cruised near the marina, and a small group of Ruddy Ducks were seen towards the middle of the bay.

There was a gull I could not identify. On the smaller side; sides very light gray; some brownish feathers along with black back towards the tail; dark eye; bill had a black tip (not ring); light-colored legs--grayish? 

Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach