Long-billed Curlew Update- Dozer and Neil


This morning while birding at Alva Paul, Morro Strand State Beach, Penny Principe and I were delighted to find Dozer, the satellite monitored Long-billed Curlew celebrity. At 8 AM Dozer was bathing and preening in the creek mouth. He eventually tucked in for a rest on the south side of the creek. By 10 AM he had flown off as more people appeared on the beach. Satellite coordinates often show Dozer is in the bay near grassy island as well as along Morro Strand State Beach. 

As a reminder the first observation of MV Dozer was made by Petra Clayton on Sunday, June 21, 2020, at Morro Strand State Beach. Our (Penny and Carol) previous observations are all from August 2020. So we were thrilled to see Dozer again before he starts heading back to the Idaho breeding grounds. 

The other celebrity LBCU, LV Neil, is still in the Central Valley- just north of Los Banos. 

For photos and a Youtube video:

Happy birding!
Carol Comeau
Penny Principe
Los Osos, CA