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Alvaro’s Adventures just announced the new pelagic dates for 2021 which include a trip out of Morro Bay on Sep 25. Sign up online at Pelagic Dates 2021 (alvarosadventures.com) .


Tom Edell

Cayucos, CA


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Newsletter - Feb 2021



Pelagic Dates 2021


I  am happy to announce that we have a pelagic schedule finished. The dates are available here. Usually we would have the payment options ready to be clicked on, but this year we are holding off on taking payment as we are not yet sure of pricing. The reason is that pricing depends on how many people are allowed on the boat, and this depends on the Covid-19 risk, and county rules. Covid rates are decreasing rapidly here in Central California, so everything is looking good, but I don't want to guess at this point. We are likely to have final information by March or April, so we will hold off on pricing. If you are wondering how to pick a trip - we do have a "How to Pick a Pelagic Trip" page.   
    If you are interested in any of the dates, and want to reserve a spot, please
e-mail us and we will put you on the list for that day. Then as soon as we have confirmation of passenger numbers we will be back in touch with final details. 
    Note that additional dates may be added depending on demand. We are looking forward to an amazing, bird and whale rich pelagic season. 


Re-shuffle continues


Today the news came out in the US, that there will be enough vaccines to vaccinate all Americans by July. This is good news. We now have a timeline for this major milestone, and we are hopeful that vaccination rates are increasing in other parts of the world as well. Nevertheless, we have had to shift our Cuba tour to December, and Spain to August. Due to the change in dates we may have some spots open in those two tours. This time of fall is an incredible time to watch southbound migration at the Strait of Gibraltar in Spain, with thousands of kites, eagles, honey buzzards, and storks! Cetaceans could be good too on the water, and the tortillas (potato quiche basically), the jamon (ham) and vino are always good. Similarly, Cuba is cooler and more migrant warblers are going to be there in December. We miss a couple of summer residents, but it is a great time to be in Cuba. We are on track for the June trip to the Coffee Triangle in Colombia; meanwhile Hawaii and Galapagos are nearly full but do let us know if you are interested. Also do watch what we are up to in 2022, including our classic Chile & Argentina Birds and Wine. Trips in 2022 are filling quickly, as it seems that there is a pent up excitement about returning to travel. We are happy to help! 



Owl Workshop


Alvaro is offering a workshop on the Owls and Nightjars of the US and Canada starting next week. The focus will be on identification, visual and acoustic with additional details on the ecology, behavior, migration, taxonomy and the raw magic of these birds. We will address how to find owls, and what types of habitats to look for them. Similarly we will dive into the nightjars, including their identification, ecology and vocalizations. Both of these groups are highly vocal, yet have conserved plumage traits. That makes them particularly likely to have cryptic species, those that we cannot see, but are real! And this is in fact the case, we likely have more owl species than currently accepted. This will be a fun workshop. Visit our Events Page to sign up. 

Science Behind the Scenes


Alvaro is spending his extra time at home wisely. He is working on two papers that may have the eventual result of splitting species. Both of them are very widely distributed species. Burrowing Owl, yes, its true, there is more than meets the eye here. This work is almost finished, and hopefully will be submitted soon. The other study is on the widespread Wilson's Storm-Petrel, and this one is complex. This is work with a talented team of Chilean researchers. I will not say any more, but some interesting stuff is going on there. From previous work Alvaro was involved in, the South American Snipe has been split, and English names are being worked on (Rattling Snipe!), similarly the Vermilion Flycatcher has been split. We hope to see the Galapagos species on our trip this summer! When the new papers are finished I will let folks know. Tourism, Science, Conservation, Fun - we do it all! 




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