Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve 1/5/21

Liam&Kilian Hampl <thomshe@...>

Today, after hearing reports of the Glaucous Gull (Herb Elliot), at Oso Flaco, we tried (unsuccessfully) to find it in the afternoon. Afterwards, we went to check Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve, south of Oso Flaco, where we found it in a flock of gulls in front of the parking lot on the beach. There were unusually large numbers of gulls there as well.

Other birds of note include;

Canvasback (2)
Mew Gull (7ish)
Herring Gull (25ish!)
Dunlin (3)
and some very odd gulls (10ish) that I will hopefully have an ID for soon. If any of these gulls turn out to be rare, I will post.


Kilian and Liam Hampl
Arroyo Grande