Recent SLO County Birds

Will Knowlton

Yesterday morning there was a Rough-legged Hawk along Soda Lake Road in the Carrizo. It was seen where the road transitions from asphalt to gravel a little ways past the turnoff for Selby Campground.  

Today, the Barrow's Goldeneye continued at the Pismo Creek Lagoon. It was seen in the late morning, possibly taking a break from foraging in the surf near the pier where it has been observed as well.

At Islay Creek Campground, the Black-throated Sparrow was found foraging around blue recycling bins near campsite 7. As I was heading out, the Streak-backed Oriole started chattering near the maintenance area next to the metal road gate. It soon popped up along the hillside and gave nice views, but then quickly disappeared.

Will Knowlton
San Luis Obispo